Cassie Holeczy after getting caught up in the cross fire of an 'out of control crowd'.
Cassie Holeczy after getting caught up in the cross fire of an 'out of control crowd'. Contributed

Woman left bleeding after man throws can during game

UPDATE: 4.31: After contemplating whether or not to report the incident Cassie Holeczy has decided to take further action after getting caught up in the crossfire of a crowd 'out of control'. 

Members of the crowd have come forward and shown Ms Holeczy video of a man throwing a can at the opposition supporters where she was sitting. 

"It was quite confronting," she said.  

"I wasn't going to because of the way the Brahmans supporters were retaliating, I didn't feel justified." 

However after seeing video of the event and discussing it with friends Ms Holeczy has decided it's the right thing to do. 


EARLIER: THE Whitsunday Brahmans players weren't the only ones left battered and bruised after their grand final. 

Brahmans' supporter Cassie Holeczy was caught up in the crossfire of both sides of a crowd "out of control", according to Mackay and District Rugby League chairman Troy Rovelli.

It was a disappointing incident in what was otherwise a very successful grand final day for the league.

Cassie and her friends Kassi Breem and Kelsey McCarthy were cheering for their team, despite the losing gap.

"We were sitting there it was the last three minutes of the game and Brahmans had the ball," Ms Breem said.

"There was a lot of booing going on and we thought 'you don't boo' so we started cheering for them."

At that point Ms Breem said the yelling and swearing started.

"A guy started climbing the seats towards us...," she said.

"He just picked up a can and pegged it and it smashed her (Cassie) in the face and made her bleed.

"She was crippled over holding her face."

Ms Holeczy, feeling concussed after the blow, asked her friends to describe the incident.

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Ms McCarthy said a group of women began swearing at them after the man left.

"They were saying 'that's what you get'," she said.

"The game was still going but they were focused on us.

"The president of Mackay Rugby league (Troy Rovelli) said they haven't had a good season for behaviour."

Mr Rovelli apologised to the group on behalf of the crowd's behaviour.

"I'm in charge of this organisation and I'm actually sick in the guts," he said.

"I thought we made some monumental steps in footy today with seniors and juniors."

Mr Rovelli said all the grand finals until that point had been played in the right spirit.

"It would have been just two minutes of madness just because people can't control themselves," he said.

"There's no excuse for poor discipline and lack of self control.

"If you can't do that you're not worth spit.

"We didn't need it when it was a great game of footy."