VIDEO: Residents unite to fight clearing restrictions

IN THE lead-up to the vegetation management hearing, attendees from across the southwest united for the vegetation rally, standing together in a visual display of strength.

The crowd lined Wills St, Charleville, at noon, awaiting the arrival of the State Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Industries Development Committee, which was travelling into town from the Longreach hearing earlier that morning.

The crowd held hand-written placards and banners as the AgForce chief executive, LNP members and local graziers gave speeches about the unity of small towns in the face of restrictions.

Hundreds lined Wills St with banners and signs for the rally.
Hundreds lined Wills St with banners and signs for the rally. Alexia Austin

"I've been on the road this week and the turnout from the agricultural industry and the message we are sending this government has been powerful," AgForce chief executive Mike Guerin told the crowd.

"People have driven for miles to these to have their voices heard and I think this may be the biggest crowd of all.

"The laws that were introduced days ago have had no involvement or consultation from AgForce or the industry and they are setting out to destroy (it in Queensland.)"