Aerial view over Coopers Gap Wind Farm construction site.
Aerial view over Coopers Gap Wind Farm construction site. Heath Pukallus

Parts for Coopers Gap windfarm arrive

CLOSE discussions are being held to finalise a plan to transport the components for the Coopers Gap windfarm, which recently arrived in Brisbane.

Sitting at the port of Brisbane are 38 sets of tower sections, nacelles, hubs and blades, which were recently unloaded from ships and currently stored in the laydown area at the port.

Engineering and construction company GE CATCON have held close discussions with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, the Queensland Police Service and the councils over the last few weeks to organise a plan to transport the components from the Brisbane port to Coopers Gap.

A South Burnett Regional Council spokesperson said due to the sheer size of the components, transporting them to Coopers Gap has proven to be quite a complex task.

There will be challenges in navigating around the bends at the Toowoomba range, and difficulties getting the wind farm components around the roadworks in Dalby.

More than half of the access tracks for the Coopers Gap Windfarm have been laid down already.

Constructions on the wind farm are progressing steadily and according to plan, with 30 per cent of the wind turbine foundations well under way.

The works will continue in the north westerly direction towards Diamondy over the coming months.

The first wind turbine base ring was delivered from the Port of Brisbane to the wind farm site on June 27.

Deliveries of the other wind turbine components are expected to commence later this month.

It is expected the project will be completed by the second half of 2019.