Patient and staff flashed by drug affected man at hospital

A YOUNG man flashed his genitals at a patient and staff at Yeppoon Hospital after being forced by police and ambulance officers to attend the medical facility.

Due to the lack of criminal history of the 18 year old, The Morning Bulletin has decided not to publish the defendant’s name.

The man pleaded guilty on June 30 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one each of obstruct police, public nuisance and wilful exposure in a public place.

Police prosecutor Casparus Schoeman said police were called to a Hidden Valley residence on March 5 to assist Queensland Ambulance Service officers take the defendant, who had consumed an unknown quantity of alcohol and drugs, to Capricorn Coast Hospital.

He said while en route, the defendant took a ‘vomit bag’ from a QAS officer, dry retched into it and threw it on the ground at the QAS officer.

Mr Schoeman said police told the defendant not to throw things at QAS staff.

He said the defendant turned around towards police and pointed at them, yelling “I will fight you”.

Mr Schoeman said police restrained the defendant’s hands to the bed.

The court heard the defendant tried to push nurses off him at the hospital.

“The defendant has then left his bed and walked into the middle of the emergency room where he started to yell and squeal and refuse help from nurses,” Mr Schoeman said.

Police and QAS put the defendant back on his bed.

Mr Schoeman said during the next hour, the defendant has “acted in a manner that made it impossible for other patients to be admitted”.

“He pushed past nurses trying to help him and ran into another patient’s room where the defendant removed his pants, exposing his gentials to the patient and hospital staff,” he said.

Defence lawyer Lachlan Robertson said his client had been in a long-term relationship with his fiance, who was in the back of the court in support, and had moved to Rockhampton earlier this year from Brisbane.

He said his client had not yet secured a job in the region due to COVID-19.

Mr Robertson said the defendant’s behaviour in March was “out of character”.

Magistrate Cameron Press said he hoped the defendant had learned about the impact of drugs from this offending.

“This is what drugs can do,” he said.

“They can turn you into someone that you are not.”

Mr Press said that change could lead to someone being harmed or killed.

He ordered the defendant to pay $650 in fines and no convictions were recorded.