PICTURE PERFECT: Photo taken over Wooroolin farm land.
PICTURE PERFECT: Photo taken over Wooroolin farm land. Dan O'Connor

PCA soaks up ideal peanut growing conditions

PCA has advised signs are looking positive for better peanut growing conditions around the Burnett.

Lionel Wieck is a supply manager with PCA. He has been involved with the company since 1986.

He said the good rain we experienced in the last few weeks had done wonders for South Burnett soil.

The solid downpour meant they were expecting bumper peanut crops this season.

Kingaroy is well-known as the peanut capital of Australia and this is in large part due to the red volcanic soil.

It's a good free drainage soil with enough body to grow a good crop.

However, while peanuts will grow well in any soil, there was more to the process than just good soil.

"It is all about being able to harvest what you can grow,” Mr Wieck said.

That's why the recent rains have been so important.

Mr Wieck said like any rain-fed crop, how much rain we got in a season determined the quality of the harvest.

This combined with the hot South Burnett temperatures meant idealistic conditions for our award-winning peanuts.

"The 30 degree days meant the soil was probably very warm which meant the rain didn't chill the soil down too much,” Mr Wieck said.

"Everything has responded really strongly after the rain.”

Peanut farmers across the region planted after the last decent soaking in December last year.

"We then had to wait three months for more good rain,” Mr Wieck said.

"Once we got that good rain again in the middle of March, the peanuts responded very quickly.”

The PCA employee said another solid downpour would be a welcome sight.

"Another 75 to 100mls in the next ten days to a fortnight would be great,” he said.