Peter Andre
Peter Andre

Peter Andre would consider hair transplant

Peter Andre would have a hair transplant if he started losing his locks.

The 'Behind Closed Doors' hitmaker - who previously admitted to having had hair extensions in 2005 - is proud of his "good head" of lustrous dark tresses and will take steps to ensure they stay that way.

He said: "I'm in my 40s but I still have a good head of hair and no greys - Emily loves my hair too. But if I did start losing my hair, I'd definitely look into getting a transplant ...

"Men can become so miserable when they lose their hair, so I think they should go for it if they want it. If in a few years, my hair starts to go then it's something I'd consider."

And the 43-year-old singer - who has children Junior, 10, and Princess, eight, with ex-wife Katie Price and two-year-old Amelia and another on the way with spouse Emily - isn't against men having cosmetic surgery because his own experience of having a nose job made him understand how much of a confidence boost it can be.

He told Closer magazine: I had a nose job at 26 because I had a hook nose and I hated it. That operation gave me confidence that I'd never had before - I don't have anything against surgery."

Peter recently admitted he used to put socks down his trousers to boost his bulge in an infamous picture from his 2012 calendar shot.

He said: "Listen, I was determined to prove that a lot of these models, whether you're well blessed or not, love to put socks down there. At the end of the day, you've got to because it's a photo shoot.

"I have no fear of telling people this is what they do - this is what I'm going to do and this is how good it looks. [There was] just a quarter of one. I didn't need any more than that. No, I had a full pair folded up."