Peter Rowe's music art will feature in Nambour at a special exhibition.
Peter Rowe's music art will feature in Nambour at a special exhibition.

Peter Rowe: The incredible story behind his art

PETER Rowe is an author, illustrator, artist, presenter and motivational speaker. 

He's also someone who could teach us all about life.

He has Downs Syndrome, but the Sunshine Coast creative talent has never let his condition define him.

He lives a full and meaningful life, thanks to his tireless parents and other supporters.

Not only is he an exhibiting artist, he's written and illustrated eight children's books.

Peter will be one of the special guests of the How do I paint music art exhibition being run in conjunction with Nambour Winter Jazz Festival at C-Square from July 15 to August 14.

It will open Monday to Friday 1-3pm and on Saturdays from 10 to 2pm.

Organiser Kay Douglass said the exhibition featured work painted by several people with significant disabilities to overcome.

Inspirational Sunshine Coast artist Peter Rowe.
Inspirational Sunshine Coast artist Peter Rowe. Contributed

For Peter, he has used a system called Facilitated Communication to overcome his own verbal disability.

As he says: "I have finally found a way to share my voice. I am passionate about sharing my story to help change social perceptions, and educate people in our communities to look beyond the label and see the person, the ability not the disability.

"I want to encourage everyone regardless of abilities to find their voices and share their stories. Paint it, sing it, write it dance it, do whatever it takes but share who you are, what you stand for and what you have to say. We all have something to share and together we can all make a difference.''

Peter has been creating for the past 27 years, with his work evolving out of darkness, confusion and fear, with his more recent works, mostly abstract, capturing the colour and light of his new-found enjoyment of life.

How do I paint music

How do i paint music is an art exhibition being held in conjunction with the Nambour Winter Jazz Festival.

It is curated as an expression of the visual aspect of the jazz/music we love.

With pieces by Froyl Davies, David Rhys, Peter Rowe, Kay Douglass, Gaye  Cook, Leigh Cam, Lou Gatliff, Judy Douglass, Luke Fitzgerald and others, the exhibition promises lots of variety.

The exhibition is being supported by Get a Life Centre Inc., Flametree Church, C-Square Nambour and the Nambour Winter Jazz Fest.