PLAYING TO REPRESENT: Players show their strengths for their chance at being selected.
PLAYING TO REPRESENT: Players show their strengths for their chance at being selected. Claudia Williams

PHOTO GALLERY: Players bid for spot in rep side

RUGBY LEAGUE: Senior players put their best foot forward in Nanango on Saturday for their chance to be selected in the South Burnett representative side.

It was set out to be a round robin format but due to numbers one game was played between team red, wearing Red Ants jerseys, and team blue in Nanango Stags jerseys.

Players from Kingaroy, Nanango, Cherbourg and Murgon took part with the strongest players earning a spot in the team to play North Burnett in Cherbourg in two weeks time.

From that game players will be selected for the Inland Wide Bay squad to play in the 47th battalion competition to be held in Toowoomba.

This is the first year that formal trials have been held to select the team.

Chairman of South Burnett Rugby League, Greg Pomfret, said the league trials were a good way to see the players' match fitness at the start of the season.

"This is the first time we have done it like this,” he said.

"Normally our trials are just cold trials so it is just who wants to turn up and play and this year everyone had to turn up and I think it was a much better situation.”

The league decided to try a different approach to selecting the team and this has been welcomed by players and coaches.

"There was a bit of demand and questions being asked by the coaches of the teams about why we do it the way we do,” Pomfret said.

"They are the guidelines by the QRL and we decided to go outside the guidelines and do it this way.”

Some players were unable to attend due to other commitments but Pomfret said it was good to see players turn up and give it their all.

"It has been successful today to run it like this, we can always do better but all we can do is try,” he said.

"Unfortunately with other things like cricket finals it makes it difficult when we are crossing over on each other but it's the best we could do with what we have and the people who were ineligible because of cricket have given us letters saying they want to play so it gives us something to look at.

"We are trying to get a few blokes together to play football and gel and also today I see that match fitness is down so we need blokes if they are selected they can start working on that.”