Maree Duncombe competes on Cinderella Cat in the maiden round of the Nanango Campdraft on May 24.
Maree Duncombe competes on Cinderella Cat in the maiden round of the Nanango Campdraft on May 24. Jessica McGrath

PHOTOS: Nanango beats drought odds for campdraft success

CAMPDRAFT: Drought conditions could become a problem for future campdrafts, but Nanango Campdraft has attracted a good field for this weekend's event.

Nanango Campdraft secretary-treasurer Alan Broome said the cattle were running well and were healthy at the draft which started yesterday.

"We're very fortunate as it has been the reason a lot of the campdrafts have been cancelled,” Broome said.

He said most of the cattle on Saturday would be coming out of the feedlot.

"We are very fortunate the cattle is still fairly good and we've got very good cattle donors in Perretts, and Pakaderinga feedlot,” he said.

The Nanango Campdraft was originally scheduled for March 16, but was rescheduled after the showgrounds were too soaked by much-needed rain.

This year, the fundraising raffle will support fellow rural communities through flood-relief efforts in North Queensland, and drought relief.

Broome said the grounds were in good condition and the cattle were running well.

"It's one of the first times we started on the Friday to make up for the shorter days to get the nominations in,” he said.

Broome said many riders had travelled to Nanango for the weekend event.

"We've got a good field of riders from a big area,” he said.

The Friday and Saturday morning will feature the maiden round before the junior and juvenile rounds.

"We always try and give the kids a good run, because they are the upcoming riders,” Broome said.

Sunday will feature the novice round before the main event: the open final.

Broome said in the maiden round, judges were looking for a good clean cut-out.

"You've got to cut the beast out and hold it up at the front, hold it for a couple of turns up at the camp and then go out on the course,” he said.

"The more the beast puts it to them and the more they stop them, the better they score.”

The Nanango Campdraft will run until Sunday at the Nanango Showgrounds.