Queensland Ballet Workshop at the Kingaroy Dance Academy. (Picture: Tristan Evert)
Queensland Ballet Workshop at the Kingaroy Dance Academy. (Picture: Tristan Evert)

PHOTOS: QLD Ballet comes to Kingaroy

TONIA Looker from the Queensland Ballet ran ballet workshops with dancers from the Kingaroy Dance Academy today.

This is the second time Queensland Ballet have visited the Kingaroy Dance Academy aiming to inspire the next generation of ballet dancers.



Kingaroy Dance Academy principle Kirsten Canniford said it's an exciting opportunity for the students.

"To have someone from the Queensland Ballet come and take workshops with the students is amazing," Canniford said.

"The girls were all really excited to learn and see what it takes to be a professional." she said.

Tonia Looker has over 12 years of professional ballet experience and said she gets great joy out of inspiring the next generation.

"The program I am running is basically where I get the opportunity to come out and work with the students and it's a lot of fun," Looker said.

"The aim of these workshops is to give the students a taste of what it would be like to be a professional.

"It's also important hey learn how to move their body through the space and to really understand the music."

Looker who joined the Queensland Ballet in 2018 said the sport is just as challenging mentally as it is physically.

"I have been a professional for around 13 years and one thing I have taken out of it is the artistic value of learning where your body is in the space and what you can portray with that," Looker said.

"It's not just a physical art form it's also very much about mental and it's all about music, timing and sharing an art form with the public.

"It's also very important to not take it to seriously and at that young age you really want to be enjoying what you are doing.

According to Looker there was a great deal of talent among the group with some future ballet dancers to keep an eye on.