Tucker. Kelsey Fitch

PHOTOS: 36 of the South Burnett's most adorable dogs

IT WOULD have been a dog-gone shame to only showcase one round of the South Burnett's marvellous mutts.

So by popular demand, we have collated a second monster gallery of the region's perfect pups.

This second gallery features dogs from all walks of life.

From the hardworking, out-on-the-land dogs, to the lounge-around-all-day, sleep-on-the-couch fur babies, this gallery has them all.

We put a callout for your best photos of your happy hounds and we were inundated with great pics.

After receiving more than 200 responses, we had no other option but to create not one, but two mega photo galleries of the South Burnett's most adorable dogs.

So sit back, relax and enjoy our second gallery of the region's popular pooches.

But be warned, this group of happy hounds will leave you with a smile on your face you won't be able to get rid of any time soon.