Plans to move Bali Nine inmates ahead of execution halted

INDONESIA'S attorney-general has reportedly put a momentary halt on the plan to transfer two members of the Bali Nine to the island prison where they will be executed.

The ABC claimed on Tuesday afternoon it received information Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran's transfers would be postponed to placate Australia.

The attorney-general reportedly explained in a text message the postponement would accommodate Australia's requests the men would have more time with their families.

It is understood the convicted heroin smugglers were to be moved from their Bali prison to another island prison on Wednesday.

It comes after six former Australian prime ministers joined the push for the men to be taken off death row.

Meanwhile human rights lawyer Stewart Levitt has called on Australians to "vote with their wallets against Indonesia".

He is pressing Australian tourists to think twice before visiting Bali and Indonesia.