TESTING TIMES: Liam Robe on the attack against Dalby during the inter-club challenge.
TESTING TIMES: Liam Robe on the attack against Dalby during the inter-club challenge. Claudia Williams

Players challenged on pitch

FOOTBALL: The Kingaroy cadets team was tested by visiting teams from Chinchilla and Dalby during the inter-club challenge in Kingaroy on Saturday but that wasn't the only challenge the team faced on the field.

Due to numbers in the South Burnett competition this season, the cadets teams are playing seven-a-side games in their weekly fixtures on modified size fields.

On Saturday the teams joined forces for the third round of this season's inter-club challenge and played as an 11-a-side team.

Coach Brett Robe said with the full-sized pitch and more players on the field they were forced to change their approach to the game.

"When we play in the inter-club challenge it is a totally different style of play,” Robe said.

"There is more room to get them to spread wide and do things they don't do during the regular season.”

Robe said the team was improving each time they played together.

"They hadn't played together before and every time we play they get more confident with each other,” he said.

By playing on a smaller pitch and with fewer players each week the players are forced to make their play tighter and improve their skills.

"I think there is some benefits because it is a lot more compact and they have to do a lot of short, sharp passing to get around people,” Robe said.

"There is also negatives but we try not to focus on the negatives with the kids.”

It is Robe's first time coaching for the Redbacks this season and he is enjoying the opportunity to pass on his knowledge of the game to the young players.

"It is really good, all the kids are really easy to coach, they are very mature and everyone gets on really well,” he said.

While the cadets and under-12 and 13 teams played in the inter-club challenge, the under-6 to to under-10 and 11 teams played their regular Saturday morning fixture games.

In the Football South Burnett competition Barambah hosted the Gunners and Gunnettes.

The home teams secured wins over the Kingaroy teams, with the men winning by one goal and the women dominating five goals to nil.

In Kingaroy the Nanango ladies won by two goals and the West's men's team won 10 goals to nil.