String ensemble in perfect tune

Playing violin in ensemble ‘a buzz’

MUSIC teacher Michael Scanlan is surrounded by music every day at school but nothing gives him a buzz like playing in an ensemble.

Picking up his violin every Wednesday to rehearse with the South Burnett Community Orchestra's string section gives him the feeling he is chasing.

"At school, leading musical experiences I still get some enjoyment, but it's a musical experience controlled by me so I have to be on top of everything," he said.

"But here I can just enjoy being involved in music.

"It's an ability to release a kind of tension that might be building up."

While playing music for its own sake has a strong appeal to the members of the ensemble, Mr Scanlan said having the opportunity to perform for crowds gave the group a goal to work towards.

"(It is) focussing our rehearsals and figuring out how we're going to communicate what we want," he said.

"Having the opportunity to perform is not something that's very available in the South Burnett but the groups are there.

"You put all this time and effort into something and when it works out, well it's the best feeling."

The string ensemble will unpack their violins, viola, cello, double bass, percussion instruments and piano at Ringsfield House, Nanango, tomorrow for a relaxed afternoon of good music, wine and cheese.

Orchestra president Andrew Maddern said the ensemble would play something for everyone.

"Everything from classical to jazz and bossa nova, and even some rock and stuff from the 1970s," he said.

"We've got some Led Zeppelin in there, too."

Spring Strings

Where: Ringsfield House, Nanango.

When: Saturday, October 25, 4-6pm.

Entry: Adults $10, concession $5, family $20.

It is a licensed event serving wine and cheese.

Bring a chair or picnic blanket.