‘Please let me out’: Alleged ice dealer’s plea for bail

A MAN who allegedly sold significant quantities of ice around Cairns "without respite" for three months has lost his bid for bail despite offering to go into an onerous drug rehabilitation centre.

Magistrate Joe Pinder told the court Mark David Gladwin was likely facing a hefty jail sentence if found guilty of trafficking ice, along with 36 other drug offences, and described the police case against him as "overwhelming".

During the police investigation, the court heard during one raid he was found in possession of 144g of the drug along with a huge quantity of cash.


His solicitor Mark Butler argued he had been accepted into a Brisbane-based rehab which he was not allowed to leave for at least a month and could not have a mobile phone for six months.

He told the court up until 2016 when he went through a relationship breakdown he was otherwise a "contributing member of society" who attended university, joined the Army and had a successful business.

But Magistrate Pinder said among his criminal history was five failures to appear and six breaches of bail.

"He has demonstrated a propensity to be non-compliant," he said.

"Balanced against his "please let me out" … is his risk to the community.

"The community is much safer with Mr Gladwin exactly where he is.

"He appears to be a person with significant involvement in the trafficking of methylamphetamine in Far North Queensland."

The court heard he was on bail at the time of his alleged offending between February and April this year.

Magistrate Pinder denied bail with the case due to return to court on January 20 next year.

Originally published as 'Please let me out': Alleged ice dealer's plea for bail