THE STAR of a video that has gone viral on the internet, Regan the Vegan, has said he's got plenty more puns in the pipeline to share with viewers on his quest to highlight a humorous side to veganism.

Regan's video "Why did I go vegan?" has been viewed 3.8 million times since he posted it just over a week ago and has been shared almost 43,000 times.

Regan, who lives in a van but considers Maroochydore his home, said he was shocked at how quickly the video took off.

"I think the first night I posted it it got 15,000 views and I was surprised by that. The next day I think it got to 150,000 and it all snowballed from there."

"I actually wrote the script three months ago as a laugh with a friend," he said.

"My sense of humour is basically dad jokes and I was sitting with a friend near some vegetables so we came up with a bunch of puns."

Regan said he then turned the puns into what he believed was a well overdue, light-hearted take on veganism.

"Everybody thinks the stereotypical vegan is negative, angry and forceful and I think people appreciated a more positive style of video," he said.

"What I'm trying to do is show people that veganism is about making positive change and compassion and being whoever you want to be."

Regan said this won't be the last video for him as he plans to keep making more for his 55,000 Facebook followers and pun-lovers alike.

"The puns have not finished yet," he said.

"I've got three or more videos that will be ready soon."