Police charge in after Lohan claims fiance tried to kill her

LINDSAY Lohan's front door was knocked down by police after she accused her fiance of "trying to kill her".

Officers were called to the 30-year-old actress's London flat after concerned neighbours witnessed her suffer a meltdown on the balcony during a furious bust-up with her Russian lover Egor Tarabasov.

In footage, which was taken by a neighbour and obtained by The Sun newspaper, the Mean Girls star can be heard begging for help in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Screaming her name and address across the street, she shouted: ''Please please please. He just strangled me. He almost killed me. Everybody will know. Get out of my house.''

She added: "Do it. I dare you again. You're f*****g crazy. You sick f***. You need help. It's my house, get out of my house.''

Lindsay was also heard shouting to 22-year-old Egor, who was also near the balcony: "I'm done. I don't love you anymore. You tried to kill me. You're a f*****g psycho".

Her screams were so loud that she woke up most of her street, prompting somebody to call the police.

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Officers arrived 10 minutes later and had to break down the door, but the flat was empty.

A spokesman for the Met police said: "Officers attended and, following concerns for the welfare of the occupants inside, they forced entry into the address.

"There was no one inside but enquiries were made and the occupants were traced and found to be safe and well."

One neighbour, who did not want to be named, told The Sun: "I was about to pick up the phone and call the police but somebody else in the street had already beaten me to it.

"She woke our whole house up with her screaming. I was really concerned about her safety - it sounded like she needed help.

"Loads of police cars then arrived and the whole road was awake, looking out their windows to see what the commotion was. We couldn't get back to sleep afterwards. It was such a fuss for what is normally a quiet area."

Another resident of the street in upmarket Knightsbridge, said: "I thought maybe something serious had happened. The silence of night was broken with this dreadful shouting and swearing and crying. Dear me."

The bust-up came just hours before Lindsay took to Instagram to accuse Egor of cheating on her with Russian prostitutes.