Central Regional police officer charged with computer hacking.
Central Regional police officer charged with computer hacking.

Police constable charged over computer hacking allegation

A POLICE officer from the Mackay region has been stood down and charged over computer hacking allegations.

The 26-year-old constable has been charged under section 408E of the Criminal Code and if convicted could face up to 10 years jail depending on the circumstances of the offending.

She will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on October 14.

A Police Media spokesperson said this did not mean the allegations against the officer had been substantiated.

"In keeping with out commitment to high standards of behaviour, transparency and accountability, we have undertaken to inform the public when an officer faces serious allegations of misconduct," the spokesperson said.

Section 408E involves allegations of computer hacking and misuse and is in relation to anyone using a restricted computer without the consent of the computer's controller.

The penalty ranges from a maximum or two years jail up to 10 years jail if a person is convicted of causing a detriment or damage or obtains a benefit for any person to the value of more than $5000 or intends to commit and indictable offence.