Sarah Harvey

Police minister takes aim at Queensland drivers

QUEENSLANDERS don't seem to be getting the message about staying safe on the roads.

This is what police minister Jo-Ann Miller has told a forum of road safety delegates this morning at Parliament House.
Road safety minister Mark Bailey and Ms Miller are holding a forum with about 35 delegates and have asked them to not hold back with suggestions on improving road safety.


The forum was called after this year's devastating road toll almost tripled since last year. Eight people died on the roads during the Easter weekend compared to three deaths last year.

The figure has now reached 10 after two more deaths following the Easter weekend but during the school holiday period.
Forum attendees have been asked to outline three to five road safety issues and what needed to be addressed now and into the long term.

Ms Miller said police, firefighters and ambulance officers were sick and tired of seeing road trauma.

She also said they were "sick and tired of feeling like they're talking to a brick wall".

"Road safety is everyone's responsibility every day," Ms Miller said.

The forum is expected to continue this morning.