Southern Region Assistant Commissioner Mike Condon
Southern Region Assistant Commissioner Mike Condon Kevin Farmer

Police primed to fine during Easter break

ANYONE breaking the road rules can expect police to add a $1334 fine for beaching COVID-19 travel restrictions if they do not have a valid reason to be away from home.

This is the message from Queensland Police Service Southern Region Assistant Commissioner Mike Condon heading into the Easter holidays.

"Officers will not only look for people blatantly breaching the law in terms of road safety, but they will also issue COVID-19 enforcement tickets," he said.

"If you are on the road, speeding, using your phone, drink driving, driving under the influence of drugs, or driving fatigued and you do not have a valid reason (to drive) you are (also) going to cop a $1334 fine."

Police will also conduct regular patrols of public areas, such as parks, and they will keep an ear open for house parties.

"We need to work together to stop the community transmission of COVID-19," Assistant Commissioner Condon said.

People should only leave home for essential food and supplies, for work or education if they cannot do so from home, and exercise.


Residents are only allowed two visitors while people with health problems, or aged over 60, should remain isolated.

The news comes as police issued more than 30 fines from breaching social distancing and travel restrictions in the past week.

One breach was for a Stanthorpe house on April 3.

"Police went around three times to educate a people at a property and in the end they copped a $1334 fine," Assistant Commissioner Condon said.

Despite fewer cars on the road, offences remained high.

Since March 13 police booked more than 120 drivers in the Southern Region for drink driving.

Assistant Commissioner Condon said some were high-range offences.

"One person had a reading 0.26," he said.

"I guarantee you none of these people have a valid reason to be on the road, relevant to the police health directives."