POLICE have taken $1.4 million worth of heroin off the streets after raids on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane overnight.

They seized $433,000 in cash, including $254,000 buried in two cryovac bags under an ornamental plant at Oxley that a sniffer dog found.

Police also found $100,000 worth of jewellery, including one necklace alone worth $22,000.

Officers seized those, three modern high-powered cars and a motorbike as suspected proceeds of crime.

Nine people were charged with 14 offences after raids on five properties, including one at Caloundra.

Four were residential homes and one was a business

State Crime Command's Drug and Serious Crime Group Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker said police also found 349 ecstasy pills, which would sell on the street for $12 to $18 each.

He said 3.34kg of heroin was a significant and unique haul, especially since heroin had not been available much in recent years.

"It's an expensive drug and the availability depends on interstate and international imports," he said.

"Amphetamine type substances have been the drug of choice of powder in recent times and this is a fairly significant seizure to take that much heroin off the streets of Brisbane."

Mr Wacker said police believed the heroin was in the "cutting" stage when they raided the homes and would have soon ended up on Queensland streets.

He could not confirm where the heroin had come from.

"We're in the early throes of the investigation, we're still trying to follow the leads as to the origin of the heroin," he said.

"We will be alleging that the cash, fairly modern motor vehicles, extravagant jewellery are all proceeds of crime.

"There are no CMG links to this organisation at this stage that we can identify."