Fatal crash on the Bunya Highway, which occurred on Monday evening.
Fatal crash on the Bunya Highway, which occurred on Monday evening. Claudia Williams

POLL: What needs to change on Burnett's deadliest roads?

WITH 11 lives lost on Burnett roads over the past three weeks, changes need to be made on our roads.

Seven adults and four children have died on roads across the South and North Burnett between May 7 and May 27.

The most recent crash occurred outside of Kumbia on Monday night at 7.20pm.

Four young children and their mother died in a fiery head-on crash between a vehicle and truck on the Bunya Highway.

With Kingaroy only a three-hour drive from Brisbane, these Burnett roads are not too far from the state's capital, and yet the region has a tragic road toll.

Queensland Police urge drivers to remember the Fatal Five to reduce the risk of crashes, which includes speeding, drink and drug driving, failure to wear a seatbelt and driving while fatigued.

This week many Burnett residents will pledge to make the roads safer ahead of Fatality Free Friday, as part of the national campaign to raise awareness about road safety.

A pledge for road safety is a step in the right direction in reducing road trauma.

However, more changes need to be made on roads and highways in the region as 11 fatalities on Burnett roads is 11 too many.

The South Burnett Times would like to ask our readers, who use these roads everyday, what needs to change?

What needs to change on Burnett roads?

This poll ended on 30 May 2019.

Current Results

More signage along the roads (warning of bends etc.)


More road safety awareness


Better lighting along the roads


Smoother, sealed roads


More police officers patrolling the roads


More patience on the roads


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.