POLL: Gunter Constructions leads way of best builder in area

TUESDAY 11AM: Gunter Constructions is leading the way in The Bulletin's online poll about who is the best builder in the Rockhampton/Capricorn Coast region.

By 10.45am today, 56 votes had been cast with Gunter Constructions securing 21% of those votes.

Ted Price and Affordable Quality Homes tie for second place with 14% of the votes.

The poll closes on Friday at noon.

FRIDAY: IT is not an easy choice, picking a builder to construct your dream home.

Your dream home will be your pride and joy, housing your family for many years, so you want it to be perfect.

Therefore, you want your builder to be as pedantic about every phase of construction as you are.

The Bulletin asked readers last night via Facebook who their favourite builder was in the region. 

Here is a poll created as a result: (poll closes noon, March 27)


Who is the best builder in the Rockhampton/ Capricorn Coast region?

This poll ended on 27 March 2015.

Current Results



Affordable Quality Homes


DXL Projects


Ted Price


Gunter Constructions


Metro Property Builders


Racey Constructions


Blue Ribbon Constructions


Ezy Lifestyle Homes


Chris Warren Family Homes


Linbridge Builders


Day to Day Constructions


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


  • Anne-Marie Lawrie - Hotondo
  • Nicole McCance - Ted Price Homes
  • Sonia Cooper - Hotondo Rocky
  • Kristy Geiszler - AQH
  • Leah Grice - DXL easily
  • Jennifer Moss - Gunter Constructions
  • Debbie Templeton - George Jefferies
  • Rodney Widt - Metro Property Builder
  • Chantal Booth - Racey Constructions.
  • Amy Burgess - Ted Price
  • Alison Lockett - Blue Ribbon Constructions
  • Melissa Clews - Ezy lifestyle homes
  • Camilla Pettersson - Chris Warren Family Homes
  • Stuart Coren - Ted price homes
  • Phil Munsel - Linbridge Builders
  • Jennifer Williams - Day to day construction