GOAL ACHIEVED: Ron Drabsch has been recognised for playing to age or better 18 times.
GOAL ACHIEVED: Ron Drabsch has been recognised for playing to age or better 18 times. Claudia Williams

Positive attitude key to success

GOLF: For Ron Drabsch playing golf is an opportunity to catch up with his mates and to set challenging goals for himself.

At 81 Drabsch has played to his date or better 18 times, an achievement that has been recognised by the CEO of Golf Queensland, Lindsay Ellis.

Each time he has achieved the feat he has recorded it, the last entry is from December 3, 2018 when he hit a gross of 77 on the 71 par Kingaroy Golf Club course.

"I am a pretty competitive sort of fella and I always set myself a goal,” Darsch said.

He plays at Kingaroy on Wednesday's, Saturday's and Sunday's and credits his success to being consistent and having a positive attitude.

"You have got your mates and I meet them three times a week and that is something to do otherwise you sit at home,” he said.

"I have never been a negative thinker.

"I just go with the flow, things are going to happen through life and you just get over it and go again.”

Drabsch has had difficulties with his health so far this year and his handicap has suffered as a result but he is determined that he will return to form and will play to his age 20 times before his birthday in November.

"At the moment I am going through a rough patch but I am going to get over that,” he said.

"I won $15 on Saturday as runner-up in the B-grade monthly medal and missed out by one to get the win.”

Last year Drabsch won the monthly medal for A-grade and B-grade and won B-grade player of the year.

He has always loved to play sport and was a keen tennis player before taking up golf 23 years ago.

He lives on 10 acres outside of Kingaroy and plays on his makeshift course by hitting up to the front gate and chipping onto the back lawn alongside his labrador, Charlie.

"Everyday I try to hit 20 balls and that is why I keep the whole thing mowed,” he said.

Drabsch is thankful for the supportive community at the golf club.

"It is a great club and we have got a nice golf course and all the people here are great, it is the best thing that ever happened,” he said.

President of the club, John Dalton said the whole club is proud of Drabsch's achievement and his consistency.

"He is a good club man and thinks the world of playing golf and being out there and it is good to see a good bloke like him get recognised,” he said.

"Plenty of people would like to do what he has done but there won't be that many people that do it once let alone 18 times.

"He is straight up the middle and does everything right and gets it done.”