Fraser Coast Regional Council - Cr. David Lewis.
Fraser Coast Regional Council - Cr. David Lewis.

Postal vote could ‘avert virus calamity’: Qld councillor

FRASER COAST councillor David Lewis has called upon the state government to make the upcoming council elections a full postal ballot in an attempt to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

"Virtually every adult across Queensland will be walking past election workers, having close contact with electoral staff, using polling booths and pencils that have just been used by scores of other people," Cr Lewis explained.

He said in that situation, "the spreading of infection is inevitable."

"The government can avert a calamity by acting immediately to change the ballot to a full postal ballot," Cr Lewis said.

"If the election goes ahead as planned, the public, the candidates and their helpers, but even more so the electoral workers are at massive risk," he said.

Cr Lewis said he had emailed state MPs Ted Sorensen and Bruce Saunders to urge the government to act now and had also called on the mayor George Seymour to add his weight to the call.

Cr Lewis' call follows mayoral candidate Jannean Dean's comments ­encouraging residents to register for a postal vote and arguing how-to-vote cards should be banned on election day. Ms Dean is also not allowing anyone to attend polls to represent her or hand out cards.

Her comments have been echoed by Division 3 councillor and candidate Paul Truscott and his opponent James Miller, as both agreed to forego having volunteers and how-to-vote cards because of the threat of the disease.

To apply for a postal vote, visit

The time frame to apply for a postal vote closes 7pm tonight.