She took the cards from the support worker's purse.
She took the cards from the support worker's purse. vadimguzhva

Pregnant woman steals cards to buy items for baby

AN EXPECTING mother bought stuff for her baby with the debit cards stolen from a support worker.

Amber Mabb stayed seated in Murgon Magistrates Court as the charges were read out on May 21.

She pleaded guilty to one count of stealing and one charge of fraud from March 20 to 26.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said the 21-year-old woman had been with her mother's support worker on March 20.

"The defendant removed the victim's bank card which was located in her bag," he said.

"The defendant returned the victim's purse to the handbag."

She then used the card 10 times in Murgon over the next few days for purchases that totalled $298.32.

The first transaction was an $8 purchase from Price Busters on March 21.

This was followed by a $91 transaction at Murgon IGA Cornett's Supermarket the following day.

She also made a $30.46 and a $17 purchase from the Murgon BP Road House.

Mabb made a $20.98 purchase at a dollars and cents discount store on March 22 and made a purchase at Domino's Pizza.

She visited Murgon Target twice and two other stores to make purchases with the stolen card.

"It's disappointing that she stole from a support worker," Sgt Stevens said.

The defence lawyer said the woman had an intellectual disability and had been in foster care for most of her life.

"It was a spur of the moment to take the card and then use it to buy some things," he said.

Magistrate Louisa Pink said the young woman had bought stuff for her baby.

"You took someone's bank card, you know that it's not legal," she said.

"This wasn't some lavish spending, this was smaller amounts from multiple places," she said.

Magistrate Pink said Mabb's money was usually managed through a public trustee fund.

Mabb was released on a good behaviour bond of $500 for six months.

No convictions were recorded.