Member for Kawana Jarrod Bleijie
Member for Kawana Jarrod Bleijie

Premier, Bleijie face $1.2m lawsuit over hired guns snipe

A GOLD Coast lawyer is suing both the Premier and Attorney-General over comments they made about lawyers who defended criminal motorcycle gang members.

The ABC reported on Tuesday Chris Hannay had filed a defamation complaint with the Brisbane Supreme Court, seeking $1.2 million in damages from both Campbell Newman and Jarrod Bleijie.

In the complaint, Mr Hannay asks for $600,000 from both Mr Newman and Mr Bleijie for damages regarding their comments, an additional $500,000 each for general damages and $100,000 from both in aggravated damages.

The suit stems from comments Mr Newman made in February, in which he labelled lawyers who defended bikies "hired guns".

"They take money from people who sell drugs to our teenagers and young people," Mr Newman said on February 6.

"Yes, everybody's got a right to be defended under the law but you've got to see it for what it is: they are part of the machine, part of the criminal gang machine, and they will see, say and do anything to defend their clients, and try and get them off and indeed progress their case."

In a later interview, Mr Bleijie said Mr Newman was speaking about a specific matter.

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