PRICE OF ICE: Brenton Casson has come along way since his struggles with drugs
PRICE OF ICE: Brenton Casson has come along way since his struggles with drugs Contributed

Price of ice - former addict talks about life after drugs

BRENTON Casson used to be known as "the guy with the face tattoo".

However, this young man who was once addicted to the drug ice was destined to become so much more.

Brenton has removed the face tattoo, gotten rid of less-than-ideal influences (including a motorcycle club) and turned his life around.

He is soon to be married, he works in a full-time job and is moving forward with optimism.

It is an inspiring story of a man who lost his way, but has come back stronger than ever.

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Matt Collins: How old were you when first introduced to drugs?

Brenton Casson: To tell you the truth I didn't even have a drop of alcohol until I was 18, but that's when I started taking ecstasy.

My parents told me my whole life these things are bad, but it made me feel so good.

MC: Tell me about how it made you you feel, that first time.

BC: I still remember it like it was yesterday. It made me feel empowered and good about myself. It made all the insecurities go away.

MC: Did you you struggle with anxiety and depression before that?

BC: Yes, I did.

Now I still suffer from anxiety.

MC: These days, I am assuming you are drug-free?

BC: Yep, completely. The last time I did it I felt instant regret. It wasn't a high. I thought about all the people around me and I thought, "What am I doing?"

MC: Can we talk about the face tattoo.

BC: Yeah, I sort of just wanted to be feared.

It started with just a small tattoo above my eyebrow of my daughter's name, and the next minute, I had three quarters of my face tattooed.

MC: You said you did it to be feared.

BC: Yeah, I did. But I got sick of it and that's why I got them removed. I was sick of being judged.

MC: Why was it so important for people to be scared of you?

BC: That was when I was a drug addict and it was just easier to get what I wanted.

MC: That is when you were robbing people and things like that?

BC: Yeah.

MC: Was there a lot of police attention during that time?

BC: Yeah, there was one time I was washing my car and afterwards I took it around the block and when I came back there were six police cars outside my house.

MC: You must have been washing your car really dangerously (both laugh).

MC: You were part of a motorcycle club at that point too weren't you.

BC: Yeah, it was a nightmare. It was the worst experience of my life.

MC: Who do you thank for where you are at now?

BC: I couldn't have done it by myself. My fiancee and my parents were fantastic. If you don't have people around you and if you don't want it yourself you are never going to get out of it.

Listen to the full interview with Brenton Casson here: