PRODUCE ON DISPLAY: Allan Evans displaying Bunya Red Farm produce at Regional Flavours.
PRODUCE ON DISPLAY: Allan Evans displaying Bunya Red Farm produce at Regional Flavours. Contributed

Producers to share Regional Flavours with city slickers

MANDY Evans will head to Brisbane next month armed with a bottle of red dirt, a bag of salt, and alpaca fur as she does each year to educate city folk about life in the South Burnett.

It is the fifth year Bunya Red Farm will have a display at Regional Flavours, and Mrs Evans is looking forward to promoting their produce to the masses.

Mrs Evans will give foodies the chance to try some of her caper relish this year as she tests her recipe out on their tastebuds.

She offered up her caper berries at a previous event, which are now a customer favourite.

"When we do open farm days we have the relish on items on the menu and people love it, so we thought we could bring it to a broader market,” she said.

"If people like it we know we are on a winner with the recipe.

"We have got more than the opinion of the man on the street - these people are there to taste food items.”

Regional Flavours provides a learning experience for Mrs Evans, as well as a chance to promote farm life and show Brisbane residents that the dirt really is red - it isn't Photoshopped.

"They look at the photos of the red dirt and think it can't be that colour, so I bring some in a bottle and show them,” she said.

The increasing demand from city customers to know where their food comes from and how it is produced has worked in Bunya Red Farm's favour, Mrs Evans said.

"They have totally different tastes and they are very aware of the push of where their food comes from and wanting to know their producer,” she said.

Mrs Evans was unable to join South Burnett's display at Regional Flavours in Brisbane last year after a storm in December 2017 claimed some of the Bunya Red Farm crops, limiting supply.

"We are looking forward to going back down again to say hi to people that come to see us each year,” Mrs Evans said.

Bunya Red Farm will be at Regional Flavours on July 20 and 21 alongside fellow South Burnett producers Chinchilli, Clovely Estate, Crane Wines, Kingsley Grove Estate, Nuova Scuola Wines, The Peanut Van and The Sauce Man.