PUBLISHED POET: Katie Ryan holding the edition of OzKids with her poem. Photo: St John's
PUBLISHED POET: Katie Ryan holding the edition of OzKids with her poem. Photo: St John's

PUBLISHED POETS: St John’s students impress

THREE St John's students have had their poetry published in the most recent edition of a magazine called OzKids.

Poets Ben Springhall and Lily Knight were both in Year 9 at St John's last year, and Katie Ryan is School Captain and in Year 9 this year.

Ben and Lily are now both at Kingaroy High State School.

Ben's poem was called Procrastination, Lily's was Glen Coe Hunting, and Katie's was Y et Again, It Hasn't Rained.

Ben said he felt that he related to the topic of procrastination, the title of his published poem, quite well.

"Because I did it quite a bit, so I thought I should express that through a poem," Ben said.

"My poem means a lot to me because I can relate so well to the idea of procrastination, even just writing this poem I procrastinated about it for quite some time.

"I had spent a lot of time mulling over what I should write a poem about and I just made myself think of an idea that I could relate to so well and funnily enough the idea was procrastination which is what I had been doing for the past few weeks.

"I absolutely love poetry, especially the relatable comedic side of poetry. I think it is good to poke some fun at things in life so that we can all have a good laugh.

"I am very excited about having my poem published in this magazine because I really want my work to reach a larger audience so that a lot more people can laugh and relate to procrastination."

PUBLISHED POET: Ben Springhall holding the edition of OzKids with his poem. Photo: St John's
PUBLISHED POET: Ben Springhall holding the edition of OzKids with his poem. Photo: St John's

Katie said she wrote about about the topic of drought because her family are farmers.

"And at the time I wrote this poem drought was having a very big impact on our family," she said.

"This poem meant a lot to me. Drought has had a huge impact in the last twelve months but also at different times over my life.

"My parents have shared their journey of praying and waiting for rain. I wrote several poems about the farm, as it is an important part of my life.

"I wrote my poem one afternoon when I was sitting on the veranda. We had been doing poetry at school and I was looking out over our dry and dusty farm. This inspired me to write about waiting for rain, and how all we could do was wait and pray.

"I love poetry because you can really express an opinion or thoughts about anything. There are so many styles and it is really very creative. You can share thoughts and emotions through poetry.

"I was excited to have my poem published in the magazine. It is a good feeling seeing something you have written in print. Especially about a topic that is so important to me."

Lily said she wrote her poem Glen Coe Hunting because she likes hunting.

"It is special because every year we go hunting with our Dad at Easter," Lily said.

"To write the poem I just thought about what we do when we go hunting.

"I like poetry because it's fun to write.

"I am happy that it (her poem) is in the magazine because I feel proud that my work was good enough."


Here are the newly published poems:


Procrastination - By Ben Springhall

Ah, Procrastination

He's a good friend of mine

I hang with him for most subjects

And I just don't know why.

I call him up for Maths

For English and for Science

It's kinda hard not to

When we do homework on these devices.

He's a good mate I suppose

He is a lot of fun you see

But my mum keeps telling me

He is quite a bad influence and you're only getting Bs!

Sometimes I may be working on long division, the elements or how to advertise

I may be getting bored and without a second to realise

I'm looking at the most recent trailer for a blockbuster movie with the genre of Sci-Fi

I wake up Sunday morning and I've got that productive spirit

I say "Yes! Time to get that textbook analysed!" as I go to my desk to clear it

But before I know it I'm am looking at a buzzfeed article

Telling me the top ten celebrity controversies of all time.

Procrastination, he's a good friend I guess

However, he gets me into trouble when I know I'm not my best

"Close that tab, Benjamin!" Mrs Roberts would say in English.

"What do you think you're doing?" Mum would say and I know I'm in big trouble.

Though recently I have realised Procrastination isn't the best

He distracts me from the things that matter

Prevents me from focusing on that test.

It's funny you see, my mum always said,

Procrastination, he's not the best influence on me

So maybe in the future when we want to catch up

I should listen to my mum, she knows what's best for me.



Yet Again, It Hasn't Rained - by Katie Ryan

Yet again, it hasn't rained

Three months waiting and still no change

The tanks are empty

And the dams are dry

But still there are no clouds in the sky

Yet again, it hasn't rained

The cows are hungry

There is no hay

The grass in the paddock

Has gone away

Yet again it hasn't rained

Dad always says its on its way

But then he says, 'don't forget to pray'

I always say, 'don't worry Dad

Each and every day, I pray.'



Glen Coe Hunting - by Lily Knight

We're in the car and on the road,

Off to hunt some deer.

It's a two hour trip to Glen Coe,

My favourite time of year.

I can already imagine the deafening roars,

Made by the beautiful stags.

We arrive at the site, just after lunch,

And quickly set up our swags.

Everyone's eager to get out the guns,

And to start stalking our prey.

So we set off into the forest,

And we stay there all day.

We have to be as quiet as mice,

And be careful where we tread.

Because if we make any noise,

The deer will have already fled.

We roar into a homemade pipe,

Trying to imitate their sound.

And when the deer hear our call,

They decide to come 'round.

When the stag comes into range,

Dad blasts it's hairy head.

We sprint over to the bloody corpse,

Yes! The deer is dead!

Off comes the head,

With the serrated hunting knife.

And with it a strip of venison,

The best meat you'll taste in your life.

We carry it back to camp,

And cut out all of the meat.

So that all is left are the antlers,

A 6x6 treat!