HIT: Lightning struck and damaged Hotel Cecil in 1982
HIT: Lightning struck and damaged Hotel Cecil in 1982 South Burnett Times

Pub's lightning shock in 1982

AS STORMS brew around the region, it might be a memory jogger for six men who went drinking together in March 1982.

Reported in the South Burnett Times on Wednesday, March 3, 1982, these men, who were on their night out at Wondai's Hotel Cecil, received a bit of a literal shock.

Barry McTaggart, Hotel Cecil's licensee at the time, said a big lightning strike had hit the pub on a rainy day.

"It had not been raining heavily, there was one bolt and that was it," he said.

However, this one bolt struck the sign of the hotel, breaking off bricks and carrying an electric surge back down through the hotel.


According to the report, these six men all received minor shocks from the current.

"We looked at each other rather dumbfounded and didn't know what had happened," he said to the reporter.

"Bricks flew all over the road from the cornice at the front of the hotel. It put a few cracks in the building and busted some of the pipes," he said.

These pipes caused the hotel cold room, ice machine and showers to need servicing, as well as causing water damage because of the leakage.

According to the article, older places like Super Valu and Jeff's Joint had also been affected that evening.