Display what you love with style.
Display what you love with style. iStock

Put some love into interior design

I have a friend who is known among her family and friends as the proud owner of "the wall of love".

It is essentially a large collage on a corkboard hung above her work desk and it's composed of artistically placed photos of those she loves and an assortment of mementos of happy events. My friend tells me every time she sees it she derives great pleasure from the reminders of the people and places she loves.

This got me thinking about how our choice of interiors and decor items can work to uplift our mood. But, there are so many elements of our homes that are capable of delivering a mood enhancement. The best way to ascertain what would work for you is to ask yourself, "What do I love and what brings me joy?"

For instance, for me, it's books. Books have been my constant friends since I could read. But I also love the look of books - almost as much as the content. A stack of beautiful books, an overflowing bookshelf quite simply, brings me joy.

For many people I know, colour truly sets them off - though, I hasten to add, in a good way. So for those that love colour, I would suggest taking the risk and painting something in a rich and bold hue that they love.

Travel is something most of us love, so consider styling vignettes of mementos that you have collected on your travels. A small piece on display can transport you mentally, stirring beautiful memories of far-flung places.