'SOMETIMES I CAN BE TOO NICE': Social motorcycle club member, Harley Cash.
'SOMETIMES I CAN BE TOO NICE': Social motorcycle club member, Harley Cash. Matt Collins

Q and A: Family comes first for motorcycle club member

THERE are so many truly remarkable people in the South Burnett.

Each and every one of us has a lifetime of achievements, thoughts, beliefs and lessons learned.

The Q and A feature is an opportunity to showcase some of the exceptional people in our proud region.

This week, we hear from South Burnett business owner and member of R.W.B social motorcycle club, Harley Cash.

1/ What is something you resent paying for?

Electricity. It's like petrol prices - it never goes down, it always goes up.

2/ What is the best advice you have ever received?

Don't back down. The advice I give my kids is family comes first. Family over everything.

3/ What do you do to relax?

Ride my Harley.

4/ What is one thing you would struggle to quit?

Riding my Harley, spending time with family or the ability to help people.

5/ What do you wish you knew when you were younger?

How important and short life really is. We really take it for granted at times.

6/ What is the worst injury you've had and how did it happen?

I broke my back when I was 19. I was digging holes down an embankment. I couldn't walk by myself for 18 months.

7/ What would your friends say is your worst habit?

Sometimes I can be too nice. I have a lot of time for people and sometimes it turns out to be the wrong people. I do get taken advantage of, but I would never change it.

8/ What's the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

Complete strangers put a roof over my head. They have since become family.

9/ If you could write a new law what would it be?

Death sentence for paedophiles. They get off too easily. They are looked after and protected and the innocent spend the rest of their life suffering.

10. What do you do when you have 30 minutes free?

I like to sit on my hill and enjoy a cold beer listening to good music.