Poet Kate Tempest finishes the show on Q
Poet Kate Tempest finishes the show on Q

Poet Kate Tempest's raging protest poetry on Q and A

A CONFRONTING performance by British poet Kate Tempest on religion, war, sexism, consumerism, happiness and hypocrisy lit up Twitter overnight with some describing it as a rant and others 'horrific'.

Q and A host Tony Jones warned Ms Tempest's poem Progress might be offensive to some.

Some of the lines included "the singer's last twitch before she blows herself to bits" and "young people getting f***ed".

Others  included: "All we have is surplus to what's needed and we feed our callous little urchins in the best ways that we can and then we wonder how they've grown to only to know what's in their hands.

"The world is your playground, go and get your kicks as long as you're not poor or ugly or sick.

"They'll put you on the screen if you've got nice t**s."

Some on Twitter said the performance brought them to tears, news.com.au reported.

But others were less impressed.