Q&A; to be subject to stricter guidelines

THE ABC board has announced Q&A will be moved to its news division after an investigation was launched into the broadcaster's controversial program.

The decision to move the weekly panel show from the ABC's entertainment division to its news division will see Q&A subject to stricter guidelines of fairness and balance.

The program received widespread condemnation in June after it decided to allow convicted criminal and terrorist sympathiser Zaky Mallah on its live show.

The ABC later admitted an error in judgment in allowing Mallah to appear on the program.

Mallah's appearance led to Prime Minister Tony Abbott issuing a blanket ban on all government ministers and MPs from appearing on the program.

The ABC board said in a statement the move would provide Q&A with greater operational and cultural alignment.

"Based on the information provided, the board considers both the program and the wider ABC would benefit by an orderly shift of Q&A into the ABC news division," it said.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Friday in Tasmania that he wanted to give the ABC a "pat on the back" for doing the right thing.