South Burnett quarry developments will be required to pay special levy rates to cover the cost of road maintenance along their haul routes.
South Burnett quarry developments will be required to pay special levy rates to cover the cost of road maintenance along their haul routes. Cathy Adams

Quarries to pay for roads along haul routes

NEW quarry developments in the South Burnett will now be expected to pay for the road maintenance along their haul routes.

A new overall plan to maintain the roads has been adopted by the South Burnett Regional Council during the general meeting on June 12.

The program will be in place through the proposal to levy special rates and charges on rateable land.

Councillor Kathy Duff said this plan would only be for new developments.

"Existing quarries won't have that same impact,” she said.

The overall plan will implement a roagd maintenance, road upgrading and road replacement program for the roads used by the quarry extractions which have been approved in the South Burnett.

Mayor Keith Campbell said this will allow the council to manage the impacts of the extractive industry operations.

"It is necessary to mitigate and manage the impacts on that road caused by the use of properties for extractive industry purposes,” he said.

This overall plan would implement the road program over an estimated 20-year period.

This program is the council's response to address the need to fix these roads, which is necessary due to the significant increase in heavy vehicle traffic utilising the council's local road network.

"This accelerates the deterioration of those roads at a rate far greater than would have been the case for ordinary traffic use,” Cr Campbell said.

The land use contributes to the need for the council to spend considerable funds in order to maintain the service and standards across the road network.

Councillor Gavin Jones said he supported the new recommendations, even when they cannot imply the program onto existing extractive industry operations.

"It will give them a distinct advantage, perhaps there will be an opportunity to even it up down the track,” he said.

General Manager Aaron Meehan said the special grades weren't necessary offering a significant advantage.

"It just allows them to grow their businesses at a rate they can afford,” he said.

The council identified several extractive industry operations of which the plan would be applicable during the meeting.

A Wattle Grove development located at 1304 Wattlegrove Rd was identified.

Wattlegrove Rd, Minmore Rd, Deep Creek Rd and River Rd would need to be included in the program.

A Durong extractive industry at 1229 Burra Burri Rd, which impacts Burra Burri Rd and Aberdeen Avenue, was mentioned.

A quarry located at 79 Tim Dwyer Rd, East Nanango was identified.

Road maintenance will be required along Tim Dwyer Rd, Greenwood Creek Rd, Old Esk North Rd, South St and Arthur St East to manage the impacts of the operations along the haul route.

Gordonbrook extractive industry operations on Wilsons Rd meant council will include Wilsons Rd, Dangore in the road program.

Another operation at Boondooma along Manar Rd was included in the plan, with maintenance required for Manar Rd.