BIG RETURN: The Kenyon's young black cattle topped the regular fat and store sale at Coolabunia on Wednesday.
BIG RETURN: The Kenyon's young black cattle topped the regular fat and store sale at Coolabunia on Wednesday. Michael Nolan

Quick sell returns big bucks in Coolabunia

ROD Kenyon took a punt and it paid off.

The rain greened up paddocks across the district and he knew his fellow cattlemen would be looking to restock.

At the same time he didn't want his young cattle to get lost in the crowd at next week's Coolabunia Special Store Sale.

So he trucked about 70 head of young Angus cattle to the Coolabunia yard on Wednesday and they returned top dollar for the day.

"That was my thinking,” Mr Kenyon said.

"Given that the rain has been so close, the temperatures are still nice and warm and the grass is still growing so my decision was to go now.”

He sold 12 yearling heifers for 4.15/kg.

"It was certainly a bit of a surprise,” Mr Kenyon said.

"We're extremely happy with those.”

In addition he sold 27 weaner heifers and 31 weaner steers for over $3/kg.

This was the major sell-off for the Kenyons who run Angus-cross breeders on their forested paddocks near Gordonbrook.

"We believe, in this country it's basically better to breed a quality stock and not try to grow them out,” Mr Kenyon said.

"We were growing maize silage and barley silage for some years and taking our weaners through to about 400kg live weight but we don't feel we have the land area to do right.

"We're better off to breed cattle and sell them off as weaners,” he said.

Depsite the good returns Mr Kenyon said his family was looking at some big changes to how they do business.

As Mr Kenyon's son Clinton becomes more involved in running the property he's started moving into a wider range of meat production.

"He's look at doing free range chicken and eggs,” Mr Kenyon said.

"Clinton presently has a small unit of pigs that do a great job rejuvenating pasture.”

Once they lay new fencing the family will take on a line of sheep and are looking into the Australian White breed.

"They're a composite breed extreme tasty and nice on the lamb side of things and are shedders as well so not too much shearing.”

Aussie Land and Livestock agent Corey Evans said the Kenyon's returns were indicative of the market trend.

"Its definitely very strong,” Mr Evans said.

"A lot of the little steers were making $3.90-$4/kg, the best of the heifers made $3.60/kg and lot of the little light heifers $3.40-3.50/kg.”