EAGERLY AWAITED: Citroen Cactus will come in 23,184 different colour and equipment combinations before they arrive in Australia in early 2016.
EAGERLY AWAITED: Citroen Cactus will come in 23,184 different colour and equipment combinations before they arrive in Australia in early 2016. Mark Bean

Citroen Cactus order books open and 'M' version revealed

IT'S official: Citroen has gone Cactus crazy.

We Australians have been waiting over a year to

receive the quirky crossover with distinctive "Airbump" panels, its sale here held up by the need to develop rear seat top tether anchor points for our market.

Now we know there are a possible 23,184 combinations for Australian Cactuses (or is it Cacti?), the model's

expected standard specification, and that Citroen will reveal at the Frankfurt Motor Show a concept Cactus M open-air crossover in the spirit of its iconic 1960s Mehari model. Production possible? Most certainly.

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BEACH BABE: Citroen Cactus M concept will be revealed at Frankfurt this month, and takes the spirit of the brand's iconic open-top Mehari model of the 1960s.

Australia will receive 81kW 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol and 68kW 1.6-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel Cactus versions when they go on sale here early next year.

The petrol comes with a manual gearbox and the diesel a semi-automatic, while Aussie Cactuses should be highly specified to meet market demands.

Although unconfirmed, standard inclusions should include a 7-inch touchscreen, sat nav, reverse camera with rear parking sensors, cruise control, 17-inch alloys, leather steering wheel and (for the diesel) paddle shifters.

Citroen Australia also said it expects to price the well-specced Cactus from around $25,000 for the petrol model and under $30,000 for the diesel.

Those who pre-order before year's end are offered the full 23,184 colour, trim and drivetrain options, from 10 exterior hues, four Airbump colours, six interior, two wheel and various mirror casings, roof bars and C-pillar accents.

An interactive build tool on the Citroen website arrives from mid-September, at which time full pricing and specification will be available.

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BODY ARMOUR: Close up of the Cactus' Airbump protection for the doors. Buyers can choose from a range of colours for their bumps. Mark Bean

But if the Cactus is still not mad enough for you, there's the surfing-inspired Cactus M concept "leisure vehicle".

Pictures have been released showing the raised body crossover vehicle which is completely open thanks to no roof or front pillar.

Two surfboards can be attached to the roof using specific lashing systems, while a hose down cabin features neoprene seats resembling wetsuits.

Citroen Australia is talking of a "rebirth" of the brand down under, and these are just the quirky, fun and unique vehicles to help the cause.

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BEACH BOUND: Cactus and Cactus M are ideal offerings to relaunch Citroen as a funky option to Australians.