Firies using helicopters to battle large grass fire

A large grass fire burns near Ravensbourne, north-east of Toowoomba.
A large grass fire burns near Ravensbourne, north-east of Toowoomba. 9 News

UPDATE 12.45PM: Multiple firefighting crews are this afternoon battling a blaze north-east of Toowoomba at Ravensbourne.

Two helicopters are being used to fight the large grass fire which broken out near Mt Jockey Rd about 10.45am yesterday.

People living near Perseverance Dam and Mt Jockey Rd are being asked to review their bushfire survival plans.

Several homes were saved by fire crews overnight.

Residents are advised to call 000 if their property comes under threat.


7AM: A bushfire burning north-east of Toowoomba is no longer threatening properties.

The Queensland Fire and Rescue Service cancelled a watch and act alert for Ravensbourne about 7.15 last night.

Firefighters worked through the night monitoring the situation and creating firebreaks.

THURSDAY 7.30PM: Fire crews have managed to stop a fast-moving blaze from reaching homes north of Toowoomba.

Rural Fire Service Queensland area training and support officer Michael Patch said firefighters were protecting properties on the northern side of a blaze burning at Mt Jockey Rd this afternoon when winds started pushing it south towards Ravensbourne homes.

The change prompted fire authorities to issue a watch and act alert for residents in the areas of Perseverance Rd, Ravensbourne Dip Rd, Post Office Rd and Garvey Rd.

However, machinery was used to create firebreaks which successfully channelled flames away from the properties.

"Everything is safe there now but we will still have crews here through the night monitoring and blackening out what they can," Mr Patch said.

The alert was subsequently downgraded.

The fire was then moving west and crews were working to contain the flames before they reached the Pechey State Forest.

Mr Patch said it was burning an area about 2.5km from north to south and about 4km from east to west.

A rise in humidity and a drop in temperatures were helping their cause.

Anyone concerned for their property's safety should immediately call 000

THURSDAY 6PM: Ravensbourne residents are being warned to leave their homes as a large fire spreads out of control.

A Queensland Fire and Emergency Services alert issued shortly before 5pm warned that a fire at Mt Jockey Rd was spreading to the south and expected to impact the areas of Perseverance Road, Ravensbourne Dip Road, Post Office Road and Garvey Road by about 6.45pm.

The fire was moving quickly and firefighters were experiencing difficulty in controlling it.

"Spot fires may occur ahead of the fire front and embers are also being thrown from the fire," a spokesman said.

"The fire is expected to impact on the Ravensbourne community and there is a chance that some property may be lost.

"Power, water and mobile phone supplies may be lost in the area over the next several hours.

"It will be very hot and windy and as the fire approaches it may become increasingly difficult to see, hear or breathe.

"Residents are strongly advised to leave now if their plan is to do so or if they don't have a plan.

"Leaving is the safest option for survival.

"Well prepared and defended homes can offer safety during the fire and may be defendable.

Multiple fire crews were working to contain the blaze but firefighters would not be able to protect every affected property and residents should not expect a firefighter at their door.

Residents are advised to call 000 if their property comes under threat.