Real estate agent sentenced over screaming fit at ex

A woman has been convicted and will serve a term of imprisonment at home over a screaming outburst at her ex-boyfriend.

Promising real estate agent Cassie Norma Gillies, of San Remo, was handed a nine month Intensive Corrections Order (ICO) at Wyong Local Court today.

An ICO is the equivalent of a full time custodial sentence but one served in the community under strict conditions.

On March 22, Gillies lost it when she went to collect some belongings at Hamlyn Terrace after breaking up with her boyfriend Brandon Walker only to find him in bed with another woman two days later.

But she made matters worse for herself when she was caught breaching an apprehended violence order (AVO) two weeks later after she took him back and he spent the night.

A month later she contravened the AVO again when they were caught holding hands at Lake Haven Shopping Centre.

Gillies's solicitor described her offence as "appalling judgment" however asked Magistrate Elizabeth Ellis to consider that her behaviour was not physically violent.

"Her actions were only verbal," he said.

"She was upset when she saw her former boyfriend with that other female. She obviously understands going there was very silly."

When sentencing Gillies, Ms Ellis said the offence was a "high degree of intimidation" and that Gillies consistently breached court orders.

The 25-year-old pleaded guilty at the first instance to intimidation and two counts of contravening an AVO.

Ms Ellis described the couple as having "one of the more toxic relationships I have read about".

Gillies' solicitor told the court the couple had been together for about 18 months when she experienced a "double whammy" of losing her job because of COVID-19 and their relationship broke down.

"Clearly this has not been a good (year) for Ms Gillies," he said.

The solicitor said Ms Gillies had moved out of the Hamlyn Terrace house where Mr Walker was living with other family members, including a two-year-old girl, but went back two days later to collect some of her belongings.

An agreed set of police facts tendered in court states about 7.30am on Sunday, March 22, Mr Walker was asleep in bed with another women when he woke up to find Gillies standing over him yelling "get that slut out of here".

He got up and told her to leave but she kept screaming.

She followed him outside but he closed the door on her before she could get back in and she started kicking and screaming "come out and f***ing talk to me".

She walked around to the bedroom window and yelled the same thing and banged on the glass so hard Mr Walker thought it was going to break.

She again walked around the back and banged the glass sliding doors saying "get out here and f***ing talk to me or I will smash the f***ing window".

The noise woke Mr Walker's relatives and the toddler "begun to scream in fear".

Gillies left before police arrived but she was arrested the next day and was taken to Wyong Police Station where she made full admissions to screaming and banging on the doors and window.

She was charged with intimidation.

Police took out an AVO to protect Mr Walker but the agreed facts stated police attended her home on April 4 where she told them he had spent the night with her and she "didn't want" the AVO anymore.

A month later police were patrolling Lake Haven Shopping Centre about 12.35pm on May 3 when they saw Gillies and Mr Walker holding hands. When she saw the police Gillies let go of his hand and started walking in the opposite direction.

Gillies was also given 80 hours of community service and received Community Corrections orders (CCOs) for breaching the AVOs.

She was placed on an AVO preventing her from stalking or harassing Mr Walker, live with him or go within 50m of places where he is expected to be for two years.