RECAP: Six of the biggest fines handed out in August

FROM taking police on a high speed pursuit to illegally flying a drone, these are some of the biggest fines Burnett residents have had been served in August.

Woman slapped with huge fine after high speed pursuit

A Cherbourg woman was slapped with a $6527.50 fine after taking Kingaroy police on a high-speed pursuit.

On January 15, Desma Rita Chapman was driving along River Road when police attempted to intercept her vehicle.

After police turned on their sirens, Mrs Chapman sped up, turned down two streets and travelled past a give-way sign on Kingaroy Street at high speed.

Police called off the pursuit due to safety reasons.

She faced Kingaroy Magistrates Court on August 5 charged with evading police.

She was fined and a conviction was recorded.

Mans ridiculous excuse for driving 145km/h

North Burnett police have urged drivers not to get carried away on rural roads, after they busted a man driving 145km/h on a highway.

Eidsvold police conducted mobile radar patrols along Eidsvold Theodore Road on Sunday, August 2 about 3.15pm, when they detected the speeding driver.

The 55-year-old Glenwood man was observed driving towards police and was clocked at 145km/h in a 100km/h zone.

Police said the driver was the sole occupant of the vehicle and offered the excuse that he “had a long drive ahead of him”, and wanted to get to his destination as quickly as possible.

The man was not charged or convicted and was issued an on-the-spot fine of $1245.

Drone Hobbyist slapped with gigantic fine for illegal flying

A DRONE hobbyist has been slapped with an enormous $1050 after accidentally hovering in a no-go zone in Canberra last year.

Jake Walsh-Roberts entered a plea of guilty to two commonwealth offences before Kingaroy Magistrates Court on August 31, including the contravention of a direction, namely not to operate an unmanned aircraft near an aerodrome; and operating a drone over a populous area at a height too low to enable people to clear the area should the aircraft fail.

Walsh-Roberts was convicted and fined $1050 for both offences and convictions were recorded.


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Kaleb Jack Stolzenberg

On August 25 Stolzenberg faced Murgon Magistrates court, pleading guilty to being on his phone while driving.

On February 1 in Murgon, police observed him using his phone while driving.

Stolzenberg was convicted and fined $1000.

Andrew Leslie Beckett

Andrew Leslie Beckett pleaded guilty to one charge of producing dangerous drugs, one charge of possessing drug utensils and one charge of possessing property suspected to be in connection with a drug offence on August 4.

Police attended a Murgon address in regards to another matter on July 4, and when they walked into the backyard, saw the defendant, a glass pipe with a cone piece attached, and a 20cm marijuana plant in a pot.

Andrew was fined $750 and convicted for each offence.

Blue Care worker charged for stealing from ‘little old lady’

A 55-year-old Wondai aged care worker has been fined $750 for helping herself to her 78-year-old client‘s purse.

Noreen Wessling pleaded guilty to five charges of stealing at Murgon Magistrates Court.

Police received a complaint about the stolen money on 23 April.

The first incident occurred on 24 March when $10 went missing from the victims purse.

The second incident occurred on 3 April when $34 went missing from the victims purse.

The third incident occurred on 8 April when $20 went missing from the victims purse.

The fourth incident occurred on 15 April when $3.55 went missing from the victims purse.

The fifth incident occurred on 20 April when $6 was taken from the victims purse.

No convictions were recorded.