BETTER SERVICE: Reception roll-out in parts of the South Burnett.
BETTER SERVICE: Reception roll-out in parts of the South Burnett. Rose Reed

Reception revamp is rolling out in South Burnett towns

THE people of Cooyar will have improved mobile phone reception come August this year.

As part of the nation-wide Mobile Black Spot Programme, which aims to eliminate poor reception in the regions, Vodafone has named Cooyar as next in line for the upgrade.

Hot on the heels of Cooyar's expected revamp, Vodafone said Kumbia should be next.

According to Vodafone's schedule, Kumbia's rollout should be finished by October this year.

But with all 70 mobile base stations Vodafone has scheduled across Australia, the service provider said dates were "subject to change".

Vodafone's rollout schedule was part of the Australian Government's $100-million project to bring acceptable mobile coverage to regional and remote Australians.

The company acknowledged reception was "severely lacking" across much of regional Australia, and hoped to bring not only coverage to those Australians, but choice in service providers.

Vodafone director of strategy and corporate affairs Dan Lloyd said the company invested $3billion into its mobile network in a bid to service people in areas like the South Burnett.

The 70 new base stations will join 429 new Telstra base stations to make almost 500 new or upgraded stations across the country.

As part of its 429 new stations, Telstra announced Durong and Wattle Camp were the next South Burnett towns in line for the upgrade.

Telstra said construction was due to start in both towns at the beginning of 2017.