Mick Gooda doesn’t want a symbolic referendum.
Mick Gooda doesn’t want a symbolic referendum. ALAN PORRITTAAP

Recognition question still uncertain for Indigenous people

INDIGENOUS leader Mick Gooda said any question for a referendum on indigenous recognition in the Constitution must be simple, but not just "symbolic".

Mr Gooda said on Sky News while it was an important step, any changes

needed to include removal of a racial discrimination clause, which was at odds with Queensland indigenous figure Noel Pearson.

Mr Pearson has called instead for a national body of Aboriginal leaders to review new laws in the Parliament before they are passed. But he has also said removal of the racial clause would not get past a growing conservative movement calling for a 'No' vote when a referendum was held.

The debate comes ahead of a meeting of indigenous leaders with Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten today.

While both leaders have backed the concept of indigenous recognition, the question remains uncertain.