Regatta boats lined up for the Easter Saturday fun day in Proston.
Regatta boats lined up for the Easter Saturday fun day in Proston. Julie Chippindale

Regatta in the park heads to Proston

PROSTON will be hosting the first annual Regatta in the park after the CWA grand Easter parade.

Round Table participant Julie Chippindale said they are hoping to draw a crowd to Proston on Easter Saturday.

"It's meant to be a fun day for everyone," she said.

People can take on the challenge in one of the 20 pretend boats made of poly pipe, cardboard and duct tape.

The boats sponsored by local businesses and community groups, can be hired for $2.50 to enter in one of the events, she said.

"Once you complete your event, you pick an egg and whatever is inside is the prize you get," Ms Chippindale said.

There will be lots of prizes which have been received in donations for the event, however there will be a limit of four goes.

The first event of the day will be free and for kids aged four to seven involving inflatable pool rings.

Non-for profit groups will be competing around the course for a $50 donation towards their organisation, in another course.

The biggest race of the day will be the final one where staff members from event sponsors will be competing for the Proston Regatta in the Park cup.

Before the event, the boats will be showcased in the CWA Easter parade, which will be followed by the Proston Easter markets.

There will be a sausage sizzle, egg and spoon race and a scavenger hunt to keep everyone entertained, she said.

The event will be hosted by the Coventry creek community group, but is an initiative of the Proston Round table.

The round table is a group of community group members, resident and businesses who aim to entice people to visit and discover Proston.

All profits from the day will go towards the the Queensland Country Women's Public Rural Crisis fund, which helps farmers and their families.

"We said from the start, Regatta needed a good cause," Ms Chippindale said.

The event will be in Railway Park Rodney Street, Proston starting from 10am on Saturday March 31.