CHARGED: Kaylene Jones was charged for drug-driving on two occasions.
CHARGED: Kaylene Jones was charged for drug-driving on two occasions. Facebook

Repeat drug-driver busted in Kingaroy

A KINGAROY woman who started smoking drugs at the age of 12 faced Kingaroy Magistrates Court after getting behind the wheel with drugs in her system on two occasions.

Kaylene Gai Jones tested positive to methamphetamine and marijuana as a provisional driver on Avoca St, Kingaroy at 3.26pm on May 5.

Three months later on August 20, she drove a Western Star truck on Youngman St.

Defence lawyer Troy McDougall said Jones had indulged in illicit substances one week prior and would not have driven if she knew they were in her system.

Mr McDougall said Jones had a difficult upbringing - her dad committed suicide in their family home when she was seven, and she was later forced to leave home at 11 when her mother's boyfriend, who was an alcoholic, was physically abusive towards her

The court was told she then lived in the house of the family she babysat for before moving in with her best friend who became her second family.

Mr McDougall said a falling out with that family was the recent behind her recent drug use.

Jones has previous convictions of drug-driving from 2016 and 2017.

For both offences, magistrate Louisa Pink sentenced Jones to a nine-month probation order to help her rehabilitation efforts.

She was also disqualified from holding a licence for seven months for the May offence, and a further seven months for the August offence.