LYING TO POLICE: A 21-year-old Cherbourg woman has faced Murgon Magistrates court on three charges. Picture: File
LYING TO POLICE: A 21-year-old Cherbourg woman has faced Murgon Magistrates court on three charges. Picture: File

‘Repeat offender’ in court for street brawl outside party

A YOUNG Cherbourg woman who lied to police on two occasions has faced court after racking up three charges in one month.

Charmaine Alkeira Angela Georgetown, 21, faced Murgon Magistrates Court on a string of offences from June 22 to July 12.

Police prosecutor sergeant Barry Stevens started with Georgetown's most recent offence of public nuisance on July 12 in Cherbourg around 3.30am.

The court heard the defendant attended a large party where she became involved in a verbal altercation, which included yelling and swearing.

Sgt Stevens told the court a physical fight then ensued with a number of punches thrown over several minutes, before each person went their separate ways.

Court documents indicated 30 people had witnessed the fight, with police tracking Georgetown down from CCTV footage.

"When they asked her questions she couldn't recall the fight, and didn't want to talk about the fight at all," Sgt Stevens said.


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The defendant's two previous driving related offences occurred on June 22 around 9.20am in Cherbourg, where she was intercepted by police.

Police asked Georgetown for identification, to which she replied she had none, the court heard.

Sgt Stevens then told the court Georgetown gave police a false name, later admitting she had no licence, and eventually identified herself.

Defence lawyer Alan Korobacz told the court Georgetown was a young offender who had finished grade 12, and had actually completed the test for a driver's licence, but hadn't yet claimed it.

Magistrate Andrew Sinclair told Georgetown she had a "fair bit" going for her compared to other people her age.

He went onto to say she was qualified to get a job and driver's licence, and didn't want to stop her from getting those things.

For the charge of public nuisance, she pleaded guilty, was convicted and fined $300, with Mr Sinclair stating fighting in the street was "just not on".

Georgetown pleaded guilty to both driving charges, was convicted and fined $150 for driving without a licence as a repeat offender, and was convicted on the charge of contravening the direction a police officer.