SUPPORTING COMMUNITY: The wellbeing webinar sessions will be held to support community wellbeing. (Photo: FILE)
SUPPORTING COMMUNITY: The wellbeing webinar sessions will be held to support community wellbeing. (Photo: FILE)

Resilience webinars for drought-affected communities

RURAL community members will have access to webinars to give them greater support during the drought.

Australian Red Cross is launching 'Tune In & Tune Up', a five-part fortnightly series of free drought and wellbeing webinars to explore maintaining the community through drought.

The webinars will host speakers with backgrounds in psychology, wellbeing, climate, rural social issues, gender and disasters, children's mental health and agribusiness.

The speakers will share their insights and answer questions, so drought-affected Australians can better support their communities, themselves and their loved ones in these tough times.


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Australian Red Cross Drought Resilience Program national co-ordinator Alex Tanfield said Australia had experienced some of its driest periods on record.

"Drought is becoming increasingly prolonged and protracted, impacting many communities over the long term," she said.

"We recognise that people who have been living through dry times know what they need and how best to manage their wellbeing.

"This webinar series is part of a broader program that offers communities tools and support to do just that."

The webinar schedule includes:

- Maintaining wellbeing through drought and prolonged stress (Speaker Dr David Younger); Wednesday, June 17, 10-11am

- The drought cycle; adaptation and strengthening resilience (Speaker Dr Jacki Schirmer and Dr David Younger); Wednesday, July 1, 10-11am

- Wellbeing after the rains (Speakers: Dr Lynette Bettio, Dr Jacki Schirmer and Dr Kate Gunn); Wednesday, July 15, 10-11.15am

- Family wellbeing in the face of ongoing stress (Speakers" Dr Margaret Alston, Stephanie Schmidt and Dr margaret Nixon); Wednesday, July 29, 10-11.15am

- Preparing for tough times (Speakers: Dr Jacki Schirmer, Dr Mel Taylor and Shannon McCormack); Wednesday, August 12, 10-11.15am

"People will be able to ask questions before - when they register - and during the sessions," Ms Tanfield said.

"Each free webinar is limited to 500 participants, so we encourage people to register early."

Recordings will also be available on the Australian Red Cross Drought Program webpage after each webinar."

For more information visit the Australian Red Cross website.