RALLYING SUPPORT: Jenna Adams is taking part in the U.G.L.Y Bartender competition for the sixth year.
RALLYING SUPPORT: Jenna Adams is taking part in the U.G.L.Y Bartender competition for the sixth year. Claudia Williams

Returning the favour to the Leukaemia Foundation

JENNA Adams knows first hand the difference the Leukaemia Foundation can make to someone's life.

She was 18 when she was diagnosed with leukaemia and the foundation helped her during her year in and out of hospital and when receiving her bone marrow transplant.

"I was lucky enough to be living in Brisbane at the time so I didn't need my family to have accommodation but I was in hospital with people who did have family that lived away,” she said.

"The Leukaemia Foundation really helped out with finding accommodation close to the hospital for them and even helping out with little things like if they couldn't afford to pay their phone bill for that month the Leukaemia Foundation would step up and give them a hand with that, which was really amazing.”

This year marks 10 years since she has been in remission and six years since she has been raising money for the foundation through the UGLY Bartender initiative.

The Nanango RSL Club has reached their goal of $2000 each year with the community getting behind the cause that effects so many in the community.

"All the research these donations go towards is the reason that I am here and that is the main reason that we get behind it every year,” she said.

"Even now you hear stories from people around town that can't afford accommodation and have had to sell the house and move to Brisbane and (the help the foundation provides) takes the burden off people who are having treatment.

"It is great to see the community get behind it.”

The acronym which stands for Understanding, Generous, Loveable, You grabs people's attention and starts a conversation.

"The shirts get everyone talking about the cause, which is great and then they understand that it is for a great cause,” she said.

To raise funds for the foundation, Nanango RSL has weekly cocktail specials, money boards, raffles and donation tins throughout the club.