READ THE SIGNS: Too many drivers are choosing to ignore road rules.
READ THE SIGNS: Too many drivers are choosing to ignore road rules. Philippe Coquerand

REVEALED: Five most ignored road rules

RACQ has reminded drivers about the importance of following all the road rules, as they released the five most common laws Wide Bay drivers ignored.

Department of Main Roads data revealed many fundamental rules drivers were caught for between November 2016 and October last year.

RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie said drivers were throwing their money away on unnecessary fines.

Last year central police saw more than 2000 drivers fined for not stopping at a stop sign, she said.

"Stop signs mean you must come to a fully controlled stop, behind the line before you take off again, it's not rocket science," Ms Ritchie said.

Police also caught more than 400 motorists disobeying the no right turn sign, more than 500 following a vehicle too closely and more than 200 drivers who travelled at night, or in reduced visibility without their lights on.

Police in the central region also caught eight drivers with L plates on their car, when they were not a learner or driver trainer.

Ms Ritchie said these laws may seem trivial, but they were designed to make the roads safer for everyone.

"It's up to every driver to brush up on the road rules before they get behind the wheel, and to ensure they follow them -ignoring these laws is risking your life and the lives of others," Ms Ritchie said.