School's suspension rates halved by good behaviour plan

21st February 2018 11:28 AM
UPDATED 22nd February 10:15 AM


THE number of students expelled from Redbank Plains State High School so far this year is half the number expelled during the same period in 2017.

Last year Redbank Plains High School expelled more students than any other Queensland government school.

In 2017, 947 suspensions were handed out at Redbank Plains State High School which caters to about 2000 students.

A further 31 students were expelled.

But Education Queensland said this year numbers have improved.

According to the Department, suspension rates are also "far lower" than during term 1 in 2017.

Each school has a behaviour plan for students called a Responsible Behaviour Plan which outlines expectations and consequences for failure to adhere to the standards.

Redbank Plains State High School has revised its Plan to reduce suspensions and disciplinary action.

The school changed classroom routines, teaching practices and programs which successfully reduced the number of suspensions between 2016 and 2017, Education Queensland said.

The rates of suspensions and expulsions have continued to fall this year and Year 12 students have achieved the best academic results for since 2010, including an OP 1 student.

Education Queensland said it supported principals in taking action where a student's behaviour was unacceptable.

A Department spokesperson said most students at Redbank Plains State High School, which caters for about 2000 students, behaved appropriately every day.

"Every Queensland state school has a Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students that clearly outlines the standard of behaviour expected from students and the consequences when those standards are not met," the spokesperson said.

"This is developed in consultation with the school community.

"Where behaviour does not meet expectations, Principals take appropriate disciplinary action, including implementing a school disciplinary absence (suspension or exclusion) where necessary."



AN IPSWICH high school has suspended more students than any other government school in Queensland.

In 2017, 947 suspensions were handed out at Redbank Plains State High School which caters to about 2000 students.

A further 31 students were expelled.

Those students were suspended for a range of reasons including physical and verbal misconduct, being disruptive and refusing to participate in activities.

The bulk of suspensions, 494, were for physical and property misconduct, along with refusal to participate.

The Ipswich State High School at Brassall, which in 2016 had 1519 students according to the MySchool website, expelled more students than any other state school with 35 excluded.

The use of illicit substances was listed as the reason for seven expulsions from Ipswich State High School while 14 were dismissed for "conduct prejudicial to the good order and management of the school".

At Bremer State High School, which in 2016 had 1807 students enrolled, 442 suspensions were handed out last year with a further 13 expelled.  

The document detailing the disciplinary action was obtained under RTI by Nine News Queensland.

Across the state more than 75,000 suspensions were handed out.

Education Queensland has been contacted for comment.


Ipswich schools breakdown


The Ipswich State High School

  • Suspensions: 497
  • Expulsions: 35


Redbank Plains State High School

  • Suspensions: 947
  • Expulsions: 31


Bremer State High School

  • Suspensions: 442
  • Expulsions: 13


Bundamba State Secondary College

  • Suspensions: 598
  • Expulsions: 19


Blair State School

  • Suspensions: 48
  • Expulsions: 0


Ipswich West State School

  • Suspensions: 24
  • Expulsions: 0


Riverview Primary School

  • Suspensions: 114
  • Expulsions: 0


Churchill State School

  • Suspensions: 56
  • Expulsions: 0


Brassall State School

  • Suspensions: 97
  • Expulsions: 0


Goodna State School

  • Suspensions: 130
  • Expulsions: 0


Springfield Central State High School

  • Suspensions: 285
  • Expulsions: 7